3 May (Wednesday), 19:30 – Alfa Hall of Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva Conference and Event Centre

(Look on map: Konstitucijos pr. 20, Vilnius)

Wooden bells with performer Regimantas Šilinksas (Lithuania)

The skrabalai is unique Lithuanian folk tuned percussion instrument consisting of wooden bells. Trapezoid-shaped wooden troughs of various sizes in several vertical rows with one or two wooden or metal small clappers hanging inside them. It is played with two wooden sticks. When the skrabalai is moved a clapper knocks at the wall of the trough. The pitch of the sound depends on the size of the wooden trough.

One of the most famous wooden bells performer Regimantas Šilinskas has his own unique wooden bells with widened range, made by himself.

In 1994, R.Šilinskas graduated from Lithuanian Music Academy Klaipėda faculty where he acquired a folk music ensemble soloist (wooden bells) qualification. While studying in Klaipėda R.Šilinskas played in a city’s song and dance ensemble “Žilvinas”, later in “Disvitis”, he also sang in several choirs of Klaipėda, played bass guitar in S.Šimkus conservatory jazz orchestra.

In 1999 and 2007, R.Šilinskas’s wooden bells were heard at the international Drum and Percussion instrument festival in Vilnius and Ukmergė.

R.Šilinskas had performed with Jazz pianist S.Šiaučiulis, also with TRIO (S.Šiaučiulis – piano, V.Tetenskas-reed, R.Šilinskas-wooden bells), “Kaunas Big Band”(R.Grabštas). He also gave numerous concerts in Lithuanian schools, music schools, community homes, ect. R.Šilinskas performed in Lithuanian Presidency House on the commemoration of The National Day. In 2004 he played in Brussels, Belgium, representing Lithuania to ES officials. In 2005, R.Šilinskas represented Lithuanian culture in ”Japan Expo 2005”. In 2006, he performed in Houston, USA, during Lithuanian NBA day. In 2007, R.Šilinskas played in San Francisco and Waschington D.C, USA, during The Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus visit to The USA. During The Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus visit to Portugal, R.Šilinskas played in Lisbon.


17:00 – Opening Speeches
19:00 – Concert of the COLOUR ORCHESTRA of VSA Lithuania “Guboja”
19:30 – Welcome Reception: Wooden Bells with Regimantas Šilinskas

Please note that the entrance is free for all participants with tickets (Specialist, Young Psychiatrist, Accompanying Person or One Day 3 May Registration).