5 May – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania in Vilnius

5 May (Friday), 19:00 – Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania in Vilnius

(Look on map: Katedros a. 4, Vilnius)

Exhibition, Concert and Gala Dinner

Vaizdo rezultatas pagal užklausą „valdovų rumai“

Lithuanians have a long tradition of hospitality. The Gala Dinner is the evening for the kings and queens of these days. Unforgettable, inspiring and breathing spaces filled with the spirit of the royal Renaissance palace, a chance to experience majesty of Lithuanian history, gourmet menu that traces authentic noble recipes, and authentic evening program – all this for you. As hosts of the Congress we seek to turn back time and welcome you in the same way Lithuanian hosted guests from all over Europe and beyond.

Do you know that from the 14th to the middle of the 17th century Lithuanian ruled the entire European region of this place – Lithuania, Poland, Sweden, Livonia, Prussia, Moldova, Belarus, Ukraine, part of Russia, Finland, and the envoys from Turkey, Persia, Spain, Italy and many Central European countries were received in the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania. Today innovative ideas in psychiatry bring us all together from nearly one hundred countries around the world in one place.


Early Music and Dance Ensemble BANCHETTO MUSICALE

BANCHETTO MUSICALE (Italian for „Musical feast“) is an early music and dance ensemble, founded by Jūratė Mikiškaitė-Vičienė, who is the ensemble artistic director until now. It was the first group in Lithuania to recreate the authentic spirit of the past ages and to present the heritage of the Grand Duchy af Lithuania and other West European countries. The first programme „Awakened Ages“ had its premjere in Trakai in 1986.

From the very beginning, the ensemble‘s theatrical performances have been built on court dances. Many renowned historical dance experts have worked with the group, including Barbara Sparti (Italy), Lieven Baert (Belgium) and Jane Gingell (Great Britain). At present the repertoire of BANCHETTO MUSICALE covers nearly 500 years – from the 14th. until the beginning of 19th.

BANCHETTO MUSICALE has collaborated with a number of soloists, has appeared at many international festivals and has given concerts not only in Lithuania and its neighbouring countries, but also in Hungary, Finland, Norway, Germany, Luxemburg, Ireland, Poland, Ukraine, Russia. The main historical venues for the ensemble‘s concerts in Lithuania have been the Trakai Castle and now – The Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania.

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