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Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania


Vilnius has many names, many faces and many mysteries. Seeming to be in the remote corner of Europe, it is, in fact, located less than 20 km from the geographical centre of Europe. And, indeed, Vilnius is like a miniature Europe in one town – from Italian Baroque to Russian Orthodox churches, from German Gothic to Austrian Rococo architecture and traces of the Jewish past. It is a city, where one street can tell you a thousand stories.

Vilnius charms with its labyrinthine, UNESCO renowned Old Town, sleek business district, an elegant city centre with many open squares and parks, as well as historic suburbs. It is a compact, pedestrian friendly city where major meeting facilities, hotels, cozy restaurants and important city sights are all within easy reach.

You are wary of history? Wander the streets and prepare to be surprised by a déjà vu – you have probably seen some corners on the big screen, since it was the location for many world famous films. Take the opportunity to pose in background that inspired the great number of artists.



Vilnius is the only capital in Europe situated on the boundary between two ancient – Latin and Byzantine – civilizations. In this city of ancient and versatile cultures, the spirit of tolerance for different nations and religions has been displayed for some time. Vilnius was first mentioned in written sources in 1323, and by the 15th century it had turned into a beautiful medieval city, the heritage of which is still fascinating. The architecture of the Old Town is the feather in the cap of the city.

Vilnius has the largest Old Town in Central and Eastern Europe (360 ha), which has managed to preserve the medieval network of streets and typical spaces. The baroque buildings remind us of beautiful ancient Italian towns where Baroque was born. Gracious slender towers supporting the sky are the works of the Lithuanian Baroque School. The Old Town of Vilnius, located in an amphitheatre of breathtaking nature, has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1994.


Lithuania is one of the safest countries in the world. According to the Global Peace Index, it is safer than the USA, the UK and France. There is less than 3 % risk of being harmed by an earthquake, storm, flood or drought here. Vilnius is rated as the safest capital in the Baltic States with relatively low levels of noise.

Nearly half of Vilnius is covered by the green space – about 3 times more than Amsterdam, Berlin and Warsaw. Parks, public gardens, reserves and other green places takes over 46 per cent of the city area. Some of them have been cultivated, and others have preserved their own natural beauty. Drinking water is among the cleanest in Europe and Vilnius can boast of the cleanest air of all major EU cities.


Vilnius is a perfect place to connect with the rest of the world. Being the world’s best-connected city, Vilnius offers free WiFi hotspots in hotels, venues and public spaces. Fast and readily available Internet is pretty much standard for local residents, but they are still happy to surprise city visitors with the perfect connectivity. 84.7% of Lithuania can connect to 4G, making us the third most 4G-ready country in the world and Number 1 in Europe! You will get in touch with your colleagues, friends and family members with ease while participating in the Congress.

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