East European Educational WPA-Servier Academy-an Important Source for Psychiatric Journals of the WPA Zone 10


Department of Psychiatry Faculty of Advanced Medical Studies, N.I.Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University, Moscow, RUSSIA


Work on a post WPA representative for Eastern Europe, as well as the Ambassador of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology provided me with additional possibilities for using new methods and training of young psychiatrists models.

As part of the educational program of the WPA an East European Educational WPA- Servier Academy was established in 2013. It was decided to create a “bank” of our psychiatric journals of the WPA zone 10 in order to improve the exchange of scientific information. On the basis of the recommendations of the National Societies 12 young researchers from different countries were selected (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan).All of them were equally fluent in Russian and English languages.

Within following years, members of this group of young psychiatrists attended major European congresses -EPA and ECNP and were reviews of the most interesting issues, discussed at the Congresses. These reviews were passed at the regular meetings of the Presidents of the National Societies in the “bank” chief- editors of psychiatric journals in Eastern Europe for future publications.

The works published in 13 different journals of the 7 countries of the WPA Zone 10. The number of publications already incalculable, but the total amount has passed figure 65 in the first 3 years.

At the final stage of training the best “academics” we have already begun to act as lecturers at various symposia, including abroad.

This work is highly appreciated presidents of the EPA and the ECNP, members of the Board of the WPA and the presidents of the national psychiatric societies. The Group of new members (second convocation) of the EEE WPA- Servier Academy continued their work in 2016-2017 at the EPA &ECNP Congresses.

We are confident that the regular distribution of such scientific information among psychiatrists in the former Soviet Union will promote the development of educational programs on the continent, will raise the professional level of specialists.