How to Embed Novel Recovery Concept and the CHIME Framework into Routine Practice of Mental Health


Tartu University, Institute of Social Studies, Tartu, Estonia


The personal recovery process in mental health field is identified according to synthesis of studies as Connectedness – Hope – Identity – Meaning in life – Empowerment (CHIME) framework. During the research project (2015), we focused on interventions, which could allow achieve through mental health practitioners (support workers) activities every component of recovery process described in CHIME framework. For research, structured interview based on INSPIRE measure and CHIME framework was conducted in two different regions in Estonia with mental health service users who have long-term working alliance with support worker.

Connection and relationship qualities such as support worker’s personal characteristics, attitudes, implementing presence practice ideas, influencing each other reciprocal way, practicing equality and facing stigmatization in the social field and society, finding meaning in mental health experience has an impact to personal recovery process.

Persons with psychiatric disability live in the context where fellow citizens, employers and even social field professionals have not accepted internally the non-discriminatory values. Inclusive rhetoric is not an answer to the persons’ everyday life situations, instead different interactions focusing on persons’ potential should resonate together, and this should be recognized in political level, education and social field practice.