Intimate Partner Violence and Sexual Violence Against Women: A World Psychiatric Association New Competency-Based Curriculum for Psychiatrists, Residents and Medical Students



University of Toronto, University Health Network Centre for Mental Health, Canada


Intimate partner violence (IPV) and sexual violence (SV) affect 30% of our patients, especially women, and are key contributors to many mental health problems including depression, anxiety, PTSD, somatization, chronic pain, sexual problems, sleep and eating disorders, suicide and self-harm, substance abuse and other risky behaviours. A new World Psychiatric Association (WPA) competency-based psychiatric curriculum for practising psychiatrists and trainees on IPV and SV with teaching aids including PowerPoints, case vignettes, a teaching video  and references with abstracts that address definition, epidemiology, how to ask, and evidence-based treatments of victims will be presented. This curriculum has been approved by the WPA Executive Committee and is now posted on the WPA website at It is being implemented by many medical schools and mental health organizations.