Psychosocial Rehabilitation & Recovery: Current Updates


Warwick University, UK


The last few decades have seen a tremendous increase in the efforts aiming at improving current psychiatric services and incorporating a number of new innovations and initiatives in different areas of mental health.  Rehabilitation Psychiatry like many other specialities is also emerging as an important sub speciality in almost all countries. But it is still a neglected speciality within the context of mental health services. There are a number of barriers in its development and expansion even in many developed countries that generally include lack of directions / policies for service delivery in psychosocial rehabilitation, limited financial resources, lack of opportunities for professional training and capacity building in the field of psychiatric rehabilitation.

Recovery has emerged as a new model in the practice of psychosocial rehabilitation and is currently advocated as concept, as a model and as a preferred way of empowering patients. However, recovery is viewed differently by patients, their families and even by different professionals involved in mental health care.

This paper describes an overview about the concepts and practices in areas of psychosocial rehabilitation & argues for formulating ideas for incorporating different aspects of recovery process in establishing rehabilitation services especially in the deprived, less resourced and low income countries.