Research Into Practice: Dissemination of Findings in Psychological Therapies for Psychosis into Routine Clinical Practice


The Serbsky Federal Research Center for Psychiatry and Narcology, Department of Epidemiological and Organizational Problems of Psychiatry, Moscow, Russia

Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, Moscow, Russia


From both epidemiological and economic perspectives, the mental disorders carry a huge burden (Kekelidze and Kazakovtsev 2015). There exists mounting research evidence on the efficacy of psychological therapies for individuals experiencing psychosis. The transfer of research evidence into routine practice is problematic. This paper will discuss the strategies – introduced at both National and local levels – to expand the clinical services available. Topics covered will include National Guidelines and Clinical Standards; Training – psychiatrists and non-psychiatrists; Integration of training and service provision. The authors describe the development of psychological treatments and the current state of knowledge and practice, and speculate on the issues which still need to be addressed. The setting up of the Clinical Standards for the mental disorders is one move towards setting standards of service. Another is the development of clinical guidelines, under the auspices of the leading research institutions group, for a range of presenting problems. To promote communication about delivery of best practice for specific disorders is of great importance. Set against these initiatives, this presentation considers a range of factors that need to be considered in providing a quality psychology service for people with mental disorders.