Peculiarities of Women Suicide Attempts: Lithuania Data from Pilot Study


Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Kaunas, Lithuania


Introduction. Women are more likely than men to report suicidal ideation and attempts. Women‘s greater vulnerability to suicidal behavior is likely to be due to gender related vulnerability to psychosocial stressors. Men and women differ in their roles, responsibilities, status.

Methods. The study was performed in the Psychiatry department at the University hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. All individuals after  suicide attempt were invited to participate in the study. Inclusion criteria: individuals had to be not less than ≤ 18 years of age, signed an informed consent form (n=425). Exclusion criteria: concomitant medical or neurological illness, any intelectual disability. The study was supported by Lithuanian Council of Science (No: MIP-047/2015).

Results. In compare with male, female suicide attempters were: older in age (mean age 40.92±14.59 vs 37.44±12.70; p=0.009), had higher education level (≥ 12 years of education – 58.69℅ vs 41.31℅; p=0.01), often were unemployed (59.68℅ vs 41.32℅; p=0.01), had low incomes per month (60.47℅ vs 39.53℅; p=0.00005), were sober at the time of suicide attempt (65.24℅ vs 34.76℅; p=0.0002), often had used intoxication as method  of suicide attempt (65.86℅ vs 34.13℅; p<0.00001) and had no potential alcohol problems (CAGE≤1-69.52℅ vs 30.48℅; p<0.001). Suicide attempts in women, compare with male, was not associated with marital status (married – 54.88℅ vs 45.12℅; p=0.31),history of self – harm (prior suicide attempt – 5.90℅ vs 44.10℅; p=0.37), urbanization (urban – 54.05℅ vs 45.95℅; p=0.91).

Higher education (OR 1.64), unemployment (OR 1.57), low incomes (OR 2.51) had significantly increased the risk of suicidal attempt for women.  

Conclusions. Our data suggested that women, who had attempted suicide was 40.92±14.59 years of age, having ≥ 12 years of education, unemployed, with low income per month. Increased risk for suicide attempt in women was found in association with higher education, unemployment, low incomes.