Sport Psychiatry – a Developing Field




Sport psychiatry can be seen as a new but rapidly developing field, not the least due the far spread popularity of sports in general but also to the highly challenging environments in professional sports. The recent discussion and medical, legal, and public awareness rising strategies in athletes brain trauma in the US or the recent series of suicides of prominent athletes draw attention to the need of early recognition, intervention, teaching, and informed strategies of sport regulation to make sport again also psychologically healthy field. A further aspect of sport psychiatry is the use of sport and activity in different mental health fields, including dementia, psychosis, and posttraumatic stress that has been tried with increasing success indicating it either as an adjunct or even as a major preventive and international approach to face larger scale mental health challenges. The workshop will focus on teaching models developed by the section focusing on issues for both professional athletes and in general and school sports that are of primary importance as present curricula or post graduate training neglect this new discipline.