Poster Presentations


The following guidelines can be used to assist you in preparing your poster presentation and enhance the poster presentation experience for attendees.

Reminder: poster abstract submission ends on 26th of March. Submit your abstract online.

Maximum dimensions:  150 cm (height) by 90 cm (width) – portrait orientation. Larger or wider poster will not be displayed. 

Content: it is advisable for all poster presentations to include the following information: 

– Title 
– Author Block 
– Introduction 
– Results 
– Conclusion

The use of colour images/graphs/tables is recommendable:

– The following colour combinations provide the greatest amount of contrast: 

ž Black text on white background 
ž White on blue background
ž Dark blue on white background
ž White on black background


Text Format: The poster presentation should be self-contained and not require any additional oral explanation to be understood by the attendees. Text should be brief and well organized, presenting only enough data to support your conclusions and logically display data. The text should make clear the significance of your research. 

Arrangement of Text: A clear, simple, uncluttered arrangement is the most attractive and easiest to read. 

Font Size: All lettering should be legible from a distance of approximately 2 meters (or 6 feet). Type size should be at least 30 point or larger. 

Images and Photos: Graphs and photos also need to be large enough to be seen clearly at 6 feet. Illustrations should be simple and eye-catching, with unnecessary detail left out.  

Design Suggestions: If possible, convert tables to graphic displays. 

Materials for hanging the posters will be available.  Authors are responsible for putting up and taking down their posters. 

Authors are expected to be in attendance during the poster-session for discussion with interested conference participants. Poster sessions will be held during all coffee breaks.