Gabija Šimkevičienė1, Benjaminas Burba1, Laura Šakurskytė1

1Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, Psychiatric Clinic, Kaunas, Lithuania


Introduction: aggression and violence are common undesirable incidents in clinical practice. Experienced violence and plans to leave current jobs may be related.

The aim of the study: evaluate how often workers in mental institutions experience violence, their expectations regarding prevention. Find connections between experienced violence, working factors and quality of life.

Methods: 208 people employed in the mental institutions took part in the study (172 females, 36 males). Mean age 41.35±13 years. A questionnaire made by the researches was used as well as the WHO Quality of Life-HIV BREF questionnaire. Statistical analysis was done with SPSS 21.0 software.

Results: 127 (61.1%) employees do feel unsafe while at workplace, 143 (68.8%) have experienced violence at work. 134 (64.4%) experienced violence from patients, 65 (31.3%) from their relatives. The most common type of violence was verbal 119 (57.2%), psychological 85 (40.9%), physical 77 (37%). 67 (32.2%) didn‘t react when experiencing aggresion. 51 (24.5%) employees have considered leaving their job because of experienced violence. 141 (67.8%) think that increasing the number of security guards would reduce unsafe conditions at work. 165 (79.3%) would attend free self-defence courses organized by the employer. Working in enclosed wards and frequent night shifts are associated with more frequent violence experience (p<0.5). 82.2% of people who have >=6 shifts per month answered that they had experienced violence. There were no significant differences comparing quality of life between people who have experienced violence, and those who haven‘t (p>0.5).

Conclusions: 1) More than half of the workers in mental institutions have experienced violence. 2) The most common form of violence is verbal and is experienced from the patients. 3) About one fourth of the employees have considered leaving their job because of experienced violence. 4) Increasing the number of security guards would decrease the feeling of unsafety in the workplace.

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