Odeta Kinčinienė1, Goda Cibulskienė2

1Vilnius University Medical Faculty Clinic of Children’s Diseases, Vilnius, Lithuania
2Vilnius City Clinical Hospital, Vilnius, Lithuania


The aim of the study was to evaluate etiology and epidemiology of acute deliberate children poisonings: to find out the age of self-intoxicated children, the aim and the substance used for deliberate poisonings; the connection between acute deliberate intoxication and the economic circumstances of the country; to prove or deny the connection between acute deliberate children intoxication and lunar phases. The retrospective study was conducted in Vilnius City Clinical Hospital. 1021 acute deliberate poisonings were divided into two groups – inebriate poisonings and suicidal attempts. There were 69.5 % (n = 710) inebriate poisonings and 30.5 % (n = 311) suicidal attempts. According to our research the frequency of deliberate poisonings associated with better economic conditions of the country (correlation coefficient – 0.78). The average age of children hospitalized with suicidal attempts was 15.6 ± 1.5 years (297♀ and 32♂), and of hospitalized with inebriate intoxication – 14.8 ± 1.8 years (295♀ and 415♂). In accordance with the data of our research the rate of inebriate poisonings increases during the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) (p < 0.001). According to our research there’s a frequency growth of suicidal attempts during full and waning moon (p > 0.05), inebriate poisonings – new and crescent moon (p > 0.05). Due to our results the most frequent substances used for suicidal poisonings were: medicaments (95.5 %), alcohol with medicaments (2.9 %), alcohol with drugs (1.6 %), for inebriate poisonings: alcohol (83.7 %), drugs (7.9 %), medicaments (5.5 %), alcohol with drugs (1.7 %), alcohol with medicaments (1.2 %). Conclusions: Frequency of deliberate poisonings associated with better economic circumstances. Girls dominate in suicidal intoxication attempts, boys – in inebriate cases. Medicaments are the most used substance in suicidal attempts, alcohol – in inebriate. The connection between acute deliberate children intoxication and lunar phases wasn’t proved.

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