Hasse Karlsson

Hasse Karlsson

Professor of Integrative Neuroscience and Psychiatry (Finland)

Prof. Hasse Karlsson, most prominent expert of integrative neuroscience and psychiatry from Finland, will discuss about his areas of expertise in Congress Keynote Lecture and Symposiums.

Prof. Hasse Karlsson is a psychiatrist who is currently the Professor on Integrative Neuroscience and Psychiatry at the University of Turku, Finland. He is also the leader of the Turku Brain and Mind Center, a multidisciplinary collaboration from several research groups from the fields of neurobiology, neurology, psychiatry, and cognitive neuroscience and the past Editor-in-chief of the Nordic Journal of Psychiatry.

Professor Karlsson’s research has focused in neurobiological and psychological mechanisms of emotion, personality and mood and somatoform disorders using neuroimaging methods (PET, MRI, fMRI and NIRS), neuropsychological measurements and psychological assessments. His studies have opened new insights in the neurobiological aspects of these phenomena and disorders. He has published around 150 peer-reviewed papers in scientific journals and he is a popular speaker both nationally and internationally especially on the neurobiological mechanisms of psychotherapy, psychosomatic disorders and placebo.


Alfa Hall

CHAIR Dinesh Bhugra (UK) CO-CHAIR Sigita Plioplys (USA) SPEAKER THEMES John Oldham (USA): New Research on Personality Disorders. Hasse Karlsson (Finland): Effects of Prenatal Stress on Child Brain Development – Implications for Later Mental Health. DESCRIPTION To be confirmed.

Keynote Lecture