Thomas G. Schulze

Thomas G. Schulze

Professor of Psychiatric Genetics (Germany)

Prof. Thomas Schulze, one of the world’s most prominent scientists of psychiatric genetics, will discuss about his area of expertise in Pre Congress Symposium. He will present about psychiatric genetics, biobanking, ethical, legal, and societal issues of biological psychiatric research on May 3rd.

Professor Thomas G. Schulze, born in 1969, studied medicine in Germany, the USA, and Catalonia. He trained as a psychiatrist and held positions in Germany (Bonn, Mannheim, Göttingen) and the USA (Chicago, Bethesda, Baltimore).

Since 2014, he has held the position of Chair and Director of the Institute of Psychiatric Phenomics and Genomics at the Ludwig-Maximilans-University of Munich (IPPG). He is also on Faculty at Johns Hopkins University’s Department of Psychiatry.

Dr. Schulze’s research focuses on genotype-phenotype relationship in psychiatric disorders. He coordinates a German-wide center grant on longitudinal psychosis research (; and spearheads an international study on the genetic basis of response to lithium treatment in bipolar disorder (, comprising several research groups from Europe, the Americas, Asia, and Australia. He has authored close to 200 papers. In addition to national German awards, he is the 2006 recipient of APPA’s Robins-Guze-Award, the 2006 recipient of the Theodore-Reich-Award of the International Society of Psychiatric Genetics (ISPG), and the Colvin Prize 2016 of the Brain & Behavioral Research Foundation (BBRF) He is a member of the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology and in 2011 was elected Chair of the Section on Psychiatric Genetic of the World Psychiatric Association (WPA), which he is an Honorary Member of. In 2016, he served as the President of the APPA. Since 2016, he has held the office of President of the ISPG.


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