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Medicine is such a special field, where the latest scientific discoveries and state of the art technologies change very quickly, giving way to more innovative solutions. While successfully working in the field of medicine, laboratory technologies and equipment for over 20 years, Interlux has learned to think ahead and supply what is the best on the market today, as well as invest in promoting technologies which are yet making their way through in the world.

A diverse assortment and our people with excellent knowledge of products and well-versed in what they do, as well as our service, which is always accessible and ready to quickly address any problems – all of this has been created and learned by Interlux in more than one day.

Today Interlux ensures services and service of the highest level. It is an international company providing to the customers of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia safe and effective highest-quality technologies for medicine, science and biotechnology industry.

Representing the brands of over 250 top world-famous manufacturers, Interlux offers to the customers the most optimal solutions that best meet their needs for different technologies and products:

  • analytical and industrial laboratories;
  • in vitro diagnostic laboratories;
  • laboratories of research institutions (genomic, proteomic, cytomic and microbiomic research technologies);
  • therapy and image diagnostic technologies for personal health care and veterinary institutions;
  • bioregeneration therapy and donor selection technologies for personal health care institutions;
  • healthy lifestyle devices and equipment for the offices of family doctors;
  • advanced surgical, radiotherapeutical and oncological disease treatment technologies for personal health care institutions.

Interlux guarantees for its customers not only qualified and objective advice in selecting the most suitable technological solutions, but also ensures punctual supply, professional implementation and qualitative technical maintenance.

Strong values and customer-oriented business strategy resulted in a successful history of growth and development of Interlux consistently pursued for over 20 years.