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Our three guiding principles

We are driven by the belief in the excellence of our profession.

Ours is a research-based organization, fulfilling a basic need and dedicated to the future.

Our entire activity is based on three key principles:

  • The most obvious principle is the discovery of innovative drugs to enable physicians to bring relief to patients, to treat and cure them.
  • Just as importantly, we want our research to contribute to the progress of medicine. Research to us is at least as vital as being an industry.
  • Our third principle is all the more crucial as it is too often overlooked: it is that every person working for us should find fulfilment through and in what he or she does.

Key Figures

No. 1 independent French pharmaceutical company.

Over 21,400 employees, including nearly 3,000 in Research and Development, preparing the drugs of the future.

In 2016, 24% of Servier’s turnover was invested in Research and Development.

Servier is currently developing 23 drug candidates in oncology, cardiology, metabolic diseases, neuropsychiatry and rheumatology.

Present in 148 countries over 5 continents.


It was in 1954 that Jacques Servier, Doctor of Medicine and Doctor of Pharmacy, then aged thirty, took over a pharmaceutical production company with nine employees, in Orléans, France. Today it is France’s leading independent pharmaceutical company, and the no. 2 French pharmaceutical company in the world. Jacques Servier was able to undertake this extraordinary adventure because of his love of the profession, his “faith” in research, his sound analysis of the needs of others, his drive to develop and share, in short, his incredible life force.