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Types of Baby Carriers – Know them before buying themTypes of Baby Carriers – Know them before buying them

There are literally hundreds of different types of baby carriers available on the market. This is because there are so many different types of babies in the world!

When shopping for a baby carrier, you need to take all of your different types of babies into consideration. The carrier should be comfortable and secure for the baby as well as being functional, but not too large or uncomfortable. There are basically seven different types of baby carriers to choose from:


Soft structured carriers: these are soft wraps that can fit over the shoulders and around the waist. They come in many different sizes to fit all different-sized babies.

Stretchy Wraps: these are great because they don’t need any kind of straps. They are usually made out of two pieces of fabric with either a waist band or a top strap that goes around the shoulder. These can be very comfortable and easy to use for babies that have trouble standing up.

Ring Slings: this is another one of the ring-type carriers. They are basically a small round bag that wraps around the baby’s waist. Some rings may have a bottom strap, which may not be attached to the ring. Some ring slings are also convertible, meaning that they can be worn over the shoulder or a backpack, and the bottom strap is removed and worn under the shoulder.

Woven Wraps: these are essentially long pieces of fabric that are tied around the shoulder and back. Some woven wraps are convertible to be worn under a backpack or sling, while other woven wraps may come with an extra pocket where the parent can put baby items inside. These types of woven wraps are generally the most comfortable and secure types of carriers.

Car Seat Carriers: these are great for carrying small babies in and out of the car. They can also be used as booster seats for older babies who are unable to sit in a stroller. If you purchase one with a strap attached to it, they are easier to use for babies who struggle with sitting or walking.

Messenger Type Carrier: this is the traditional style of baby carrier that is used by women. A messenger type carrier is one that has a strap and a hook so that it can attach itself to the front or back of the baby.


Carriers come in a variety of different materials. There are some that are made from a variety of materials like leather or suede. These are usually more secure than other kinds, but still allow a bit of room to allow for your baby’s movements. You might also want to check out 10 best baby carriers and 10 best baby walkers.